A divorce is a painful process. Many issues include what will happen to the marital home and other property purchased during the marriage. The issue can be resolved by selling the properties and splitting the proceeds or one owner can buy out the other(s). In either case, it would be in the best interest of one or both parties to get an appraisal of the properties involved in the divorce settlement.

We can handle all value dispute problems. First, in many cases, the divorce date differs from the date when the appraisal is ordered. Authentic Valuations is equipped to develop a retrospective appraisal with a date and market value conclusion effective as of the date of divorce. We perform lots of divorce appraisals and we understand that they need to be handled with total professionalism. Second, an appraisal for a divorce settlement needs to be a top quality report that has well-documented conclusions that will hold its weight in court. Authentic Valuations has the experience to provide such quality appraisals and never cuts corners. Completing appraisals for a divorce is part of what we do on a regular basis.

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