Settling an estate can be a stressful task. We understand that thinking about getting an appraisal is the farthest thought from your mind during your time of grieving. When you are ready to settle the estate, a top quality appraisal report will be required for all properties in the estate. You can depend on us to provide a well-documented, accurate opinion of market value.

The time the appraisal is ordered will differ from the date of death. Authentic Valuations is familiar with the requirements necessary to complete a retrospective appraisal with an effective date and market value opinion effective as the date you suffered the loss of your loved one. Any executor will be satisfied by an appraisal by Authentic Valuations, which will be completed within the bounds and requirements of any legal agency. It assures peace of mind to everyone because we stand firmly behind all our appraisal reports.

To get started, please call Deborah Reece at (404) 919-9881.